The Cost

Istanbul 3

Together with EF Tours, William Woods University is committed to providing the best travel experience at the most affordable cost. Here is the current price quote for traveling to Greece and Turkey in the spring of 2014.  This quote is good through the end of February 2013

Base Price (before discounts)  
$3,552 students* $296 per month
$3,892 adults $325 per month
Price Details:  
Program Price: $3,572
Early Enrollment Discount – $200
Weekend Supplement $35
All Inclusive Insurance $145 (optional)
Peace of Mind Free
*WW students receive a $400 travel stipend Student Total: $3,007 or
if you elect to buy all inclusive insurance
Twin Room Supplement for those age 30 +) $340 Adult Total (travelers 30 +)
$3,742 or
if you elect to buy all inclusive insurance

A few important things to keep in mind:

a.  All travelers receive a $200 early enrollment discount by signing up on or before February 28, 2013.

b.  William Woods students who will be enrolled as full-time students in the spring semester of 2014 are also eligible to receive a $400 travel stipend.  Those funds are subject to availability and will be applied at the end of your payment plan. The money will be paid directly to EF Tours to reduce the cost of your trip.  

c.  At the beginning of each month, the trip cost will be revaluated by EF Tours to more accurately reflect the costs passed down by the airlines (departure fees, fuel surcharges, etc.).  However, once you have enrolled on the trip, your cost is locked in.

The bottom line: the earlier you enroll, the more money you can save on the overall cost of the trip. 

To enroll on this tour contact tour director, Travis Tamerius, for more information:


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