Greek Food

Are you hungry yet?  Here is an introduction to Greek cuisine from Rick Steves’ travel guide on Athens and the Peloponnese.


Greek food is simple….and simply delicious.  Unlike  the French or the Italians, who are forever experimenting to perfect an intricate cuisine, the Greeks find an easy formula and stick with it – and it rarely misses.  The four Greek food groups are olives (and olive oil), salty feta cheese, ripe tomatoes, and crispy phyllo dough.  Virtually every dish you’ll have here is built on a foundation of these four tasty building blocks. 

Menus are usually written in both Greek and English, but it’s acceptable to go into the kitchen and point to the dish you want. This is a good way to make some friends, sample from each kettle, get what you want (or at least know what you’re getting), and have a truly memorable meal…

…if a tourist complains about Greek food, they’ll usually say something like, ‘it was fish with heads and the same salads every day.’ Remember that eating in a foreign land is sightseeing for your taste buds.  Greece has local specialties that are good, memorable or both.  At least once, seek out and eat or drink the notorious ‘gross’ specialties: ouzo, eggplant, fish eggs, octupus, and so on…


The Itinerary


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Fellow travelers, check out the itinerary for our upcoming adventure.  Once again, we are partnering with EF Tours, the world’s leading provider of educational trips around the globe.  Our magical journey takes us deep into the treasures of the Mediterranean world.  Traveling by land and sea, we’ll step into the pages of Homer’s Odyssey and Iliad and the journeys of the Apostle Paul (Athens and Ephesus).  With William Butler Yeats, we’ll find our own way by “sailing to Byzantium”.  We’ll sample incredible cuisine, shop in The Grand Bazaar (Istanbul) and cruise the Aegean Sea to snap some pictures where the sky meets the sea.  We’ll stretch our minds in the glories of the ancient and medieval worlds, even as we discover the beauty of modern life in Turkey and Greece.  With such variety on the tour, there is sure to be something for everyone. Click on this link to for a more detailed description of our trip.

  • Day 1: Fly overnight to Turkey
  • Day 2: Istanbul
  • Day 3: Istanbul
  • Day 4: Istanbul + Canakkale
  • Day 5: Troy
  • Day 6: Pergamon + Kusadasi
  • Day 7: Ephesus + Kusadasi
  • Day 8: Greek Island Cruise
  • Day 9: Greek Island Cruise
  • Day 10: Athens
  • Day 11: Athens
  • Day 12: Depart for home

The Cost


Together with EF Tours, William Woods University is committed to providing the best travel experience at the most affordable cost. Here is the current price quote for traveling to Greece and Turkey in the spring of 2014.  This quote is good through the end of May, 2013.

Base Price
(before student discounts)
$3,782 students*  
$4,122 adults (over 30)  
Price Details:  
Program Price: $3,652
Early Enrollment Discount – $50
Weekend Supplement $35
Travel Insurance $145
Peace of Mind Free
*Return Traveler: if you have traveled with EF Tours before, take an additional $100 off the cost of the trip – $100 *
WWU Travel Stipend – $400
*WW students receive a $400 travel stipend Student Total: $3,382* -see above
Twin Room Supplement for those age 30 +) $340 Adult Total (travelers 30 yrs +)

A few important things to keep in mind:

a.  All travelers receive a $50 discount which is good through the end of May. 

b.  William Woods students who will be enrolled as full-time students in the spring semester of 2014 are also eligible to receive a $400 travel stipend.  Those funds are subject to availability and will be applied at the end of your payment plan. The money will be paid directly to EF Tours to reduce the cost of your trip.

c.  At the beginning of each month, the trip cost will be revaluated by EF Tours to more accurately reflect the costs passed down by the airlines and which are subject to change (departure fees, fuel surcharges, etc.).  However, once you have enrolled on the trip, your cost is locked in.

The bottom line: the earlier you enroll, the more money you can save on the overall cost of the trip.

To enroll on this tour, contact tour director Travis Tamerius, for more information: